Axle Strap Combination Tie Down Kit - Snap Hooks

Axle Strap Combination Tie Down Kit - Snap Hooks
Item# AH5210DR-K4

Axle Tie Down straps are the easiest way to tie down cars, light trucks, and other vehicles around the axle. No more fumbling around under a vehicle to get the D-Rings of a traditional axle strap lined up. Simply loop the snap hook end around the axle and clip it back to the D-ring that is permanently sewn into the strap. The twisted snap hook is spring loaded so it won't fall out while you are positioning your ratchet buckle. Secure the snap hook ratchet end to any anchor point on your deck and you are ready to tension.

This ratchet strap tie down assembly is 9.5 feet long. All hardware is plated to resist weathering.

This kit will tie down one vehicle. Complete set of four ratchet axle straps.

Caution: Always use four tie downs when securing any vehicle for transport.

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